Some websites worth checking out...

Thieves Jargon, online weekly of edgy lit and art

The2ndHand, weekly dispatch of new writing

UbuWeb, amazing archive of recordings, film, and text

Guardian Unlimited Books section, excellent essays and reviews

Chicago Review, outstanding writing, criticism, reviews

Verbsap, all-around excellent lit site

Literago, clearing house for the Chicago lit scene

Hobart Pulp, new writing, print and on-line

The New Yorker, reportage, criticism, new writing

Wordriot, another good underground-vibe lit site

42opus, new fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and reviews

Bookslut, reviews, interviews, literary news

Denver Syntax, prose, poetry, essays, and the Denver music scene

Rain Taxi Review of Books, quarterly independent print review

Pindeldyboz, stories, and a nice print edition

Zygote in My Coffee, poetry and more

SmokeLong Quarterly, flash fiction four times a year; Spencer Dew interview here

RAGAD, web zine and broadside from the Chicago area 


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